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If you have any questions about the antique pocket watches we have on offer, feel free to contact us for any extra information on the models or the service we provide.

You can use this enquiry form to book a viewing of our collection in person or alternatively you can call us on (+44) 0845 387 0208 or email us at

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 Quality Antique Timepieces All Fully Serviced

All of our antique pocket watches are ultrasonically cleaned and go through an in-depth service to make sure that all of our watches are keeping correct time, have no mechanical faults or aesthetic blemishes. We pride ourselves on sourcing high quality antique pocket watches, all of which can be viewed in our collection.









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Gold antique pocket watch on wooden table


Silver antique pocket watch with chain






A Guide On How To Use Your Antique Pocket Watch


When you receive your antique pocket watch you should wind it up and let it run for a day or two before using it. If the weather is cold or the watch has been transported by air you should let the watch reach room temperature before winding it.

If necessary shake it gently to get it started - a delicate swing back and forth to get the balance wheel started is enough. The movement of the second hand offers the best indication that a watch is running. 


Winding Your Watch

Crown wind watches are wound by turning the crown clockwise.

Over-winding a watch may cause the winding gear to break. Turn the crown applying enough pressure (from a finger and thumb) and stop when the force required suddenly increases. A keyless watch will generally require around 20 "shuffle winds" or 8 or 9 complete turns clockwise from above.


Setting The Time

Crown Wind & Crown Set

Pull the crown out (upwards) – it will click, turn the crown clockwise to set the time and then push the crown back in (downwards) to the winding position, if left out the watch will run slowly because of the extra drag of the setting mechanism.

Crown Wind & Pin Set

Press the pin located to the side of the winding crown (using your finger nail) and at the same time turn the crown clockwise.

Setting the time can stop the watch, so check it’s still running after setting the time. Most antique watches can be turned in either direction without causing damage, but it is advisable to turn clockwise.






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We can offer viewings of the pocket watches currently in our collection. If you are interested in seeing a pocket watch in person, please fill out an enquiry form or contact us directly. All bookings are subject to availability. 


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